Rebuilding – Poem by Joy Lenton


Walls have weakened, crumbling,
sinking low to ground, sagged
like our spirits as they view
the sorry edifice before us

Bare bones of former beauty
now stained with such decay
And there is no Nehemiah, or
any other builder to be found
who can shore up this shell
restore lost defences, make
a dwelling to serve us well

Then One with tenderest touch
came to view the devastation
His eyes swept silently
Tears fell as he cupped each

broken place with gentle Love
and soft reverence, already seeing
in his mind a new foundation
And offering himself as Chief
Cornerstone for this redemptive story
built by blood spilt willingly, freely
from his own grace-filled, wounded body

©JoyLenton2016 3c99e00e-f5f8-443d-8884-b4eea4df9390

Joy Lenton is a grateful grace dweller, contemplative Christian writer and poet who is currently working on her first anthology. She enjoys encouraging others at her blogs and as she seeks to discover the poetic in the prosaic and the eternal in the temporal. You can connect with her on Twitter, or on Facebook.

Image: Pixabay

7 Replies to “Rebuilding – Poem by Joy Lenton”

  1. Beautiful poem Joy.  Thank God for the precious cornerstone. Thanks for sharing!  Barry wonderful to see you posting Joy’s beautiful work on your blog and publications.  Blessings to both.  Ana Lisa.

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by, Ana Lisa! I’m blessed to be able to share my words on Barry’s site. He’s been a generous host for my poetic work for a while now.

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