Dig yourself out of your hole

Dig yourself out of your hole

We often find ourselves in holes. Places we never intended to be. Depression, anxiety, and pain.

But there is a way out so we start digging, growing and changing.


Unless you are a Hobbitt, you were never meant to live in a hole.

Dig your way out

In this course, there are videos, audio files, and a workbook.

It’s Pay What You Want (including free).  I don’t want money to be a barrier to anyone getting the help they need.

If you can’t afford to give anything, that’s fine, but please share about this course with your friends.

You can always come back later and drop a coin in the support box.


    • Introduction
    • Lesson One: Millimetres Matter
    • Lesson Two: Knowing your nest
    • Lesson Three: Getting to know you
    • Lesson Four: Getting to know your hole
    • Lesson Five: Creating a Digging Plan
    • Lesson Six: Training the brain
    • Lesson Seven: Taking action
    • Lesson Eight: Summary

2 hrs 43 minutes
Video, Audio, and workbook

This is a simple course, nothing too complex, and it’s straightforward to complete.

I think it will change your life.

Pay What You Want for This Course


Hours and hours of work and preparation have gone into this course and it shows.
A minimum of 8 videos lasting twenty minutes to half an hour each.
Come on get that wallet out. You are in a hole yourself or you wouldn’t be reading this.
You can spend a fortune in the self-help section of a bookshop and you wouldn’t receive half of the personal attention that Barry gives you.
Barry knows you because he has been in that hole himself. He won’t mind me saying that this is a lived experience.
How would you know how to dig yourself out of a hole if you hadn’t been in one yourself?
Barry has got the wisdom and experience and the gentle manner in which to encourage you out onto the edge.
I know one thing for sure already, once you’ve got out of your hole, you won’t want to go back into the comfort zone of it.
David Williams

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Photo by Gary Meulemans on Unsplash