Please don't buy my books on Amazon

Please don’t buy my books on Amazon

I invite you to the Famers market for online selling. When you buy from Amazon or some other large online shop, very little gets back to the creator. But now you can pay what you like without all the middlemen.

I’m a farmers market kind of guy.

I like the idea of going to where the growers hang out, striking up a conversation about the weather and what sort of variety of lettuces they are growing. It’s a relationship.

I know that I could order my lettuce via the internet. It would be put into a small truck, and delivered right to my door — Thats convenience, not a relationship.

Buying books and other products online is just so simple. I do it all the time. It just makes sense, but only a few cents for the artist.

59 cents from Amazon

As an example, my book ‘Broken to built’ is priced on Amazon Kindle at $1.99 US, but I will only receive 59 cents.

It’s a pretty similar pricing structure across the ebook networks stores.

So, in essence, my writing and your purchasing are funding a mega-company, not a farmers market.

There is another way. 

I’m still going to buy from Amazon and other web stores because it’s easier. I will also always offer my books on big websites.

But I wanted to offer you the opportunity to come to my farmer’s market. It’s on a website called Gumroad.

On Gumroad, they have super small charges for me to sell my carrots and beans.

And you can pay what you like!

For instance, my Broken to Built ebook is sitting there like a beautiful ripe punnet of organic strawberries waiting for you to pay what you like.

The average price people pay is around $8.

Some people have paid me $35 for my little ebook. They like what this farmer/ writer produces and wanted to say thanks.

Yes, that was me when you heard the shouts of ‘thank you’ and some farmer dancing a jig around the parking lot.

Cut out the middle millionaire and go straight to the farmer’s gate.

Come to Gumroad, pay what you like, and give this farmer/writer some music to dance to.


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