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Episode 57: Can you Be Kind to Yourself?

Episode 56: When There are More Questions than Answers

Episode 55: Can you Measure Spiritual Growth and Formation?

Episode 54: Touching the Isolated and Touch-Deprived

Episode 53: Your Faith has Made you Unwell

Episode 52: Picking Up The Broken Pieces

Episode 51: Is COVID-19 An Invitation To Check Our Wisdom?

Episode 50: There’s a Gum Tree Shadow Hanging Over Me

Episode 49: The Cup. Paying Attention To What Fills and Drains

Episode 48: Is The Load Too Heavy? Watch With Me

Episode 47: Am I My Brothers Keeper? Guilt-Trip Anyone?

Episode 46: Are you Praying Against Yourself? The Abusive Art of Self-Deprecation

Episode 45: The Right Word at the Right Time – A Rhema Word

Episode 44:How to Create New Rope Bridges in our Thinking

Episode 43: Change the way you think and act

Episode 42: Breaking it down before you breakdown: David and Goliath

Episode 41: Three Bible Verses to Reassure when You feel Stress

Episode 40: Cast your Bread. It’s vital you do

Episode 39: Is There a Barrier Stopping You From Getting the Help You Need?

Episode 38: You’re doing OK in the Face of Resistance

Episode 37: Stress, Jenga and Washing the Dishes

Episode 36: I’m Never Going to Trust my Heart to You Because …

Episode 35: How to Build an Inner ‘Bulldog’ Resilience for your Mental Health

Episode 34: A Particulate of Clay takes on COVID-19

Episode 33: What the World needs now is Courage and Compassion

Episode 32: Doing Your Best to Live at Peace with Everyone

Episode 31: Love heals. Indifference Kills. What do you most need?

Episode 30: When the Confessor Goes Rogue

Episode 29: Your Brain Needs to Rest Beside Still Waters

Episode 28: Seven Observations of Long Haul Caregivers

Episode 27: No more plans. Give me a foggy signpost

Episode 26: When a Thought Takes You Captive

Episode 25: True Beauty Is Under The Tarnish

Episode 24: How to relax? You need to Feel Safe and Known

Episode 23: Message Sent Message Heard. That Trivago Ad

Episode 22: God, will it always be like this? Being a slave to despair

Episode 21: Nine Interesting Questions to Help you Handle Criticism

Episode 20: Upon leaving the Cocoon

Episode 19: Learning to Detach Helps with Anxiety

Episode 18: ‘Power over’ or ‘Power With’. What causes you to flourish?

Episode 17: Good things, like Mental Health, take Time. Let’s be patient

Episode 16: Would you Know my TRUE Name

Episode 15: Everyone needs a Batman

Episode 14: Every Man Needs the Gift of Respect

Episode 13: ‘We need to talk’ about Cortisol

Episode 12: Are you Strong Enough to be my … Friend

Episode 11: Stop ‘Shoulding’ and Start ‘Coulding’ Yourself

Episode 10: Washing the Memories Free of Trauma

Episode 9: Three Responses to Chaos

Episode 8: Every Footprint Needs Affirmation

Episode 7: To Listen to them, Be Quick to Listen to Your ‘Self’

Episode 6: A Mountain in Your Life? Where does your Help Come From?

Episode 5. Your Failures in Life Need Love

Episode 4. Why Men Don’t Talk. 26 Reasons for Silence

Episode 3. God Sets the Lonely in Families

Episode 2. Is my Mental Illness because of Sin in my life?

Episode 1: God can handle your raw anger