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Each week there will be a podcast episode of the blog post.

For the most part, I will be reading and ad-libbing off the post.

Maybe there might be an interview or two every now and then, but this is another medium to use in getting some help out there.

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Episode 222: There is no rejection in God

Episode 221: Are you weak enough to receive? 

Episode 220: I Don’t Need This In My Life Anymore

Episode 219: There’s Something about Audio

Episode 218: Having an Open Hand 

Episode 217: That’s Normal and You’re Going to be Ok

Episode 216: Am I on the right path?

Episode 215: I Am A Product Of …

Episode 214: Does God Forget?

Episode 213: You Will Have Trouble

Episode 212: I am Loved

Episode 211: It’s not ‘Two steps forward and Three steps back’

Episode 210: A Christmas Rejection – No Place For You

Episode209: What’s in Your Emergency Mental Health Grab Bag

Episode 208: Good Conversations don’t leave you Feeling Judged

Episode 207: It’s Hard to Put into Words

Episode 206: They make me feel

Episode 205: Finding a still small voice

Episode 204: Risking a sacred conversation

Episode 203: Opened too early

Episode 202: Sitting with Shame

Episode 201: God is Compassion

Episode 200: Why Was I Created

Episode 199: Can You Pray For Me?

Episode 198: Is This Punishment from God

Episode 197: You Can’t Make It On Your Own

Episode 196: The Power of Love

Episode 195: The Beauty of an Empowering Question

Episode 194: The Plans God Has For You

Episode 193: When No One Understands You. 11 Reasons

Episode 192: A Life Controlled by Lies

Episode 191: What is Emotional Pain?

Episode 190: Coping with Ambiguous Loss by Estrangement

Episode 189: Absolute Responsibility Needs Absolute Forgiveness

Episode 188: But Trouble Comes

Episode 187: And It Just So Happened

Episode 186: God, I Still Have Doubts

Episode 185: Sitting in the Mental Health Shadow of an Eclipse

Episode 184: Whatever you retain will be retained

Episode 183: I am in Turmoil and Need a Confidant

Episode 182: Nine Acronyms for Mental Health

Episode 181: Who do I Entrust my ‘Self’ to?

Episode 180: Who will wipe my tears

Episode 179: Slowing the Pendulum of your Thoughts 

Episode 178: A Place of Feathers 

Episode 177: I Need a Safe Place

Episode 176: We all Need a Third Place for Our Mental Health 

Episode 175: I’m Seeing Four Types of Power

Episode 174: A Love That Crosses A Line

Episode 173: The Making of a Void

Episode 172: Falling Into the Hands of Robbers and Thieves

Episode 171: The Shape of You

Episode 170: Lines

Episode 169: Nine Key Learnings from Writing 500 Blog Posts

Episode 168: Where Do You Find Delight?

Episode 167: I’ll sit with you in the dark

Episode 166: You’re not a Problem to be Fixed

Episode 165: Before you Start the Year, you Need to Stop

Episode 164: And Joseph had a Dream

Episode 163: What Do You Fear the Most?

Episode 162: Three Ways God Answers Prayer

Episode 161: A Diet of Sighs and Groans

Episode 160: The Call to Endure

Episode 159: To Keep No Record of Wrongs

Episode 158: Why Was I Even Born?

Episode 157: I curse the day I was born

Episode 156: Living in the shadow

Episode 155: Every Saint Has a Past Every Sinner Has a Future

Episode 154: To be Fed by a Diet of Words

Episode 153: The Tangible and Tactile way to better Mental Health

Episode 152: God, I need a Miracle

Episode 151: Can you Take in the Good and Let it Nourish?

Episode 150: Two Things Needed after a Mental Health Breakdown

Episode 149: Blessed are the Peacemakers … with Themselves

Episode 148: The Soliloquy of Words you Meditate on Day and Night

Episode 147: Sitting with Sadness

Episode 146: The ABT Framework for Listening Well

Episode 145: I’m so Confused. I Need to Listen to the Whisper

Episode 144: Step Out of The Boat and Find a Stone

Episode 143: To Achieve the ‘YES’ one has to say the ‘No’

Episode 142: Are you Trying to Control the Uncontrollable?

Episode 141: What’s Your Ambient Stress Level?

Episode 140: Jesus of the Scars

Episode 139: Sitting Shiva is to say ‘I am with you’

Episode 138: Shall we accept good from God, and not trouble

Episode 137: When they say ‘Curse God and Die’

Episode 136: How is it With Your Soul

Episode 135: How Did They Receive Your story

Episode 134: Get Astounding Weight Loss and Peace at Being Forgiven

Episode 133: Do you Need Space and Time to Heal

Episode 132: A Change In Behavior, A Change In the Mind

Episode 131: Embracing the Pain and Finding the Christ light

Episode 130: True Repentance doesn’t Demand or Expect Forgiveness

Episode 129: Accepting Consequences and Finding Paradise

Episode 128: I want to make amends

Episode 127: Facing the Black and Finding some Light

Episode 126: When You’re Feeling Abandoned

Episode 125: I Want Help with my Untied Shoelaces

Episode 124: Who are the Five people you spend the most time with?

Episode 123: Does God Hate Me Part two

Episode 122: Does God Hate Me Part one

Episode 121: Willpower is never enough

Episode 120: Are You Open to Receive?

Episode 119: Your Rehearsal can Change your Mind

Episode 118: Don’t be afraid, for you are very precious to God.

Episode 117: Caged By the Opinions of Others

Episode 116: Thanksgiving Requires Taking Notice. A Bible Story

Episode 115: To Reap in Joy you Need to Sow in Tears

Episode 114: Change can feel like Being on the Wrong Side of the Road

Episode 113: From One Thousand Gifts to Three Thousand Gifts and Counting

Episode 112:For Mental Health You May Need a Wire Brush

Episode 111: Yes. A Christian can have a Mental Illness

Episode 110: Tired? Take Time to Cease and Savor Delight

Episode 109: God is Going against the Grain and it’s Terribly Good

Episode 108: I Will Not Submit But Maybe I’ll Taste

Episode 107: What to do with your Curve – Incurvatus in se

Episode 106: Are you Tired and Weary? You Need a Refuge

Episode 105: The Problem is Not the Problem

Episode 104: Are You Afraid of Who You’re Becoming

Episode 103: How to Stop Being the Scapegoat. Six Keys

Episode 102: Do You Have a Scapegoat in the Backyard of Your Brain

Episode 101: Five Actions to Take when Someone Rains on Your Parade

Episode 100: Why Did the Samaritan Cross the road? Because the Chicken didn’t

Episode 99: The Secret Questions of a Secret Life

Episode 98: I will Champion your Mental Health

Episode 97: I’m Not Religious but I Have A Religion

Episode 96: Listen. You’re on Sacred Ground

Episode 95: A Time to Grieve and A Time to Prepare

Episode 94: Am I Worthy of Love?

Episode 93: Women need respect as much as men

Episode 92: It’s the Words You Say that will Steer your life

Episode 91: When The Little One Stumbles

Episode 90: When the Lesser Dreams get Shattered

Episode 89: You’re doing ok

Episode 88: When You See Into Their Mist – Who They Are Becoming

Episode 87: Falling to the Oldest Trick in the Book. Ministry or Manipulation

Episode 86: You’re Being Too Naked in Your Vulnerability

Episode 85: The God Who Enters My Shame

Episode 84: God Will Never Leave You and Here is Why

Episode 83: The Evolution of Empowered Boundaries

Episode 82: Dreams, Visions, and Revelations. How they can help

Episode 81: When God is like a Drill Sergeant

Episode 80: Being Formed as a Little Child

Episode 79: A Tribute to a Friend – Dr. Larry Crabb

Episode 78: The Healing Nest of Kindness and Compassion

Episode 77: The Gentle Approach to Heart and Mind Change

Episode 76: When You Find Yourself in a Dark Hole, Start Digging

Episode 75: You’re so angry and it’s going to help you

Episode 74: Can anything good come from this?

Episode 73: When You Have to Handle Criticism

Episode 72: The One Thing to Remember when the Emotional Pain is too much

Episode 71: Four steps to Build A New Trust

Episode 70: I See You Need a Witness

Episode 69: Money Falling From The Sky and a Hope Deferred

Episode 68: How to Cast Your Cares on a Clydesdale God

Episode 67: Change Always Asks You to Walk on Water

Episode 66: Three Words to Build a Bridge Instead of a Wall into the Secret Garden.

Episode 65:  I Arise Today and Bind around my Brain

Episode 64: Building a New Confidence from the Ash

Episode 63: Are you helping too much?

Episode 62: Welcoming a Stranger and Finding an Angel

Episode 61: Stray Dog Church

Episode 60: Six People To Put Out Of Your Mental Health Room

Episode 59: When You’re Feeling Stuck in a Dark Hole

Episode 58: Where is That Overreaction Coming From?

Episode 57: Can you Be Kind to Yourself?

Episode 56: When There are More Questions than Answers

Episode 55: Can you Measure Spiritual Growth and Formation?

Episode 54: Touching the Isolated and Touch-Deprived

Episode 53: Your Faith has Made you Unwell

Episode 52: Picking Up The Broken Pieces

Episode 51: Is COVID-19 An Invitation To Check Our Wisdom?

Episode 50: There’s a Gum Tree Shadow Hanging Over Me

Episode 49: The Cup. Paying Attention To What Fills and Drains

Episode 48: Is The Load Too Heavy? Watch With Me

Episode 47: Am I My Brothers Keeper? Guilt-Trip Anyone?

Episode 46: Are you Praying Against Yourself? The Abusive Art of Self-Deprecation

Episode 45: The Right Word at the Right Time – A Rhema Word

Episode 44:How to Create New Rope Bridges in our Thinking

Episode 43: Change the way you think and act

Episode 42: Breaking it down before you breakdown: David and Goliath

Episode 41: Three Bible Verses to Reassure when You feel Stress

Episode 40: Cast your Bread. It’s vital you do

Episode 39: Is There a Barrier Stopping You From Getting the Help You Need?

Episode 38: You’re doing OK in the Face of Resistance

Episode 37: Stress, Jenga and Washing the Dishes

Episode 36: I’m Never Going to Trust my Heart to You Because …

Episode 35: How to Build an Inner ‘Bulldog’ Resilience for your Mental Health

Episode 34: A Particulate of Clay takes on COVID-19

Episode 33: What the World needs now is Courage and Compassion

Episode 32: Doing Your Best to Live at Peace with Everyone

Episode 31: Love heals. Indifference Kills. What do you most need?

Episode 30: When the Confessor Goes Rogue

Episode 29: Your Brain Needs to Rest Beside Still Waters

Episode 28: Seven Observations of Long Haul Caregivers

Episode 27: No more plans. Give me a foggy signpost

Episode 26: When a Thought Takes You Captive

Episode 25: True Beauty Is Under The Tarnish

Episode 24: How to relax? You need to Feel Safe and Known

Episode 23: Message Sent Message Heard. That Trivago Ad

Episode 22: God, will it always be like this? Being a slave to despair

Episode 21: Nine Interesting Questions to Help you Handle Criticism

Episode 20: Upon leaving the Cocoon

Episode 19: Learning to Detach Helps with Anxiety

Episode 18: ‘Power over’ or ‘Power With’. What causes you to flourish?

Episode 17: Good things, like Mental Health, take Time. Let’s be patient

Episode 16: Would you Know my TRUE Name

Episode 15: Everyone needs a Batman

Episode 14: Every Man Needs the Gift of Respect

Episode 13: ‘We need to talk’ about Cortisol

Episode 12: Are you Strong Enough to be my … Friend

Episode 11: Stop ‘Shoulding’ and Start ‘Coulding’ Yourself

Episode 10: Washing the Memories Free of Trauma

Episode 9: Three Responses to Chaos

Episode 8: Every Footprint Needs Affirmation

Episode 7: To Listen to them, Be Quick to Listen to Your ‘Self’

Episode 6: A Mountain in Your Life? Where does your Help Come From?

Episode 5. Your Failures in Life Need Love

Episode 4. Why Men Don’t Talk. 26 Reasons for Silence

Episode 3. God Sets the Lonely in Families

Episode 2. Is my Mental Illness because of Sin in my life?

Episode 1: God can handle your raw anger 

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