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Turning the Page desires to help you discover Mental Health through Spiritual FormationFaith Mental Health Spiritual Formation

… and they gathered up some dust, and with a collective breathe, we were formed.

Sinews joined hands, bones clicked together, eyelashes winked, and words leaped about.

We are unfinished creatures– longing, reaching, stretching towards fulfillment.
We express these desires for completion in prayer. Eugene Peterson


Bruce Cockburn exquisitely sings this creation dance

Centered on silence
Counting on nothing
I saw you standing on the sea
And everything was
Dark except for
Sparks the wind struck from your hair
Sparks that turned to
Wings around you
Angel voices mixed with seabird cries
Fields of motion
Surging outward
Questions that contain their own replies…

You were dancing

I saw you dancing
Throwing your arms toward the sky
Fingers opening
Like flares
Stars were shooting everywhere
Lines of power
Bursting outward
Along the channels of your song
Mercury waves flashed
Under your feet
Shots of silver in the shell-pink dawn…

This ‘Creation Dream’ continues into the very now.

But as Ralph Waldo Emerson would say, ‘There is a crack in everything God has made.’

Once perfect, now broken, we live in a world that is some considerable distance from the garden creation song, yet we can still hear the anthem.

Spiritual Formation is about learning the rhythm dance steps of Father, Son, and Spirit (Holy) and joining in.

Formation is the act of shaping, forming, or fashioning. As a potter takes a raw lump of clay dust and begins to mold it into a cup or pot, so we are being formed into the likeness of Christ.

Every Christian is to become a little Christ.
The whole purpose of becoming a Christian
is simply nothing else. C.S.Lewis

I have found the 7 Questions of Spiritual Theology by Dr. Larry Crabb to be very helpful.

  1. Who Is God?
  2. What’s God up to?
  3. Who are we?
  4. What’s gone wrong?
  5. What’s God done about our problem?
  6. How is God’s Spirit moving today?
  7. How do we join the Spirit’s movement?

Turning the Page desires to help people discover Mental Health through Spiritual Formation

Quotes to Consider

  • God is not a static thing—not even a person—but a dynamic, pulsating activity, a life, almost a kind of drama. Almost, if you will not think me irreverent, a kind of dance. C.S. Lewis
  • Spiritual Formation deals with the internal dynamics of the soul Larry Crabb
  • Spiritual formation is for everyone. Just as there is an ‘outer you’ that is being formed and shaped all the time, like it or not, by accident or on purpose, so there is an ‘inner you.’ You have a spirit. And it’s continually being shaped and tugged at: by what you hear and watch and say and read and think and experience. John Ortberg

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