We Learn by What we Ask

Once upon a time, yes its one of those stories, the Ear, the Eye and the Tongue got together for a chat.

The Eye was telling the other two about how it had observed something the day before. It had watched an event intently and saw all that could be seen, even picking out the finest of details. It had made its conclusions and was singularly focused in its view.

The Eye felt it was right, even righteous, in its view.

The Ear had heard something different. It too was present when the Eye had cast its gaze on the topic in hand. The Ear had listened to all the sounds, the voices, the subtle little things being said, but it had drawn quite a different interpretation to what had gone on.

The two of them got together and compared notes. Each going through what they had heard and seen. 

The picture changed for both of them as the jigsaw puzzle of the event fell into place. 

It was quite 2 dimensional though, no depth, no real understanding.

The Tongue was champing at the bit to say something. It was often like this, and so it stepped forward, and took a quiet pose. 

‘I wonder what we would have learnt had I been allowed to speak and ask some questions. Just some simple little questions to clarify our understanding. To explore the depth of the event, and add colour rather than develop a Black and White picture about it all.’

They both fell silent and realised that it was true that “When you assume, you make an ass out of u and me.” (Oscar Wilde).
When we ask clarifying questions, that have both depth and gentle curiosity, there is an engagement of Ear, Eye and Heart.

We learn by what we ask. 

When you have felt truly listened to, how were gentle questions involved?

Barry Pearman
Photo Credit: Monkey Magic via Compfight cc