How does Reading the Bible help my Mental Health?

How does Reading the Bible help my Mental Health?

The Bible is full of wisdom from the ages. Reading the Bible can help your Mental Health and bring you to new places of hope and health.
What do you think about – all day long.
If you’re like me then it will most likely be about what you’re doing, your stresses, worries, and problems.
In my Thinking Compass, I have a couple of insights that I read every day.
  • What I focus on gets me. Focus on the negatives/ challenges will always take me down. Focus on the positive/ good things will always give me hope.
  • The thoughts I indulge grow stronger. The thoughts I acknowledge and put in their place lose their power to discourage me.
  • No mood can resist the right truth at the right time.
What do you think about – all day long. 
Just take a moment and ponder on what gets your focus?
What is the effect on your emotions of having this particular focus?
Something I try to do at the start of the day is to read my Bible. I find it full of truth and wisdom for the day ahead.

3 Ways in which the Bible helps my Mental Health

1. The Bible Connects me with the stories of People like myself.

The Bible is full of stories of people going about their everyday life and encountering God. None of them were perfect, just like me, but their stories are all part of God’s story. From their stories, I learn wisdom and find hope.

2. The Bible Connects me with a timeless wisdom

The Bible is full of truth that has a timeless nature to itself. God’s wisdom, passed on from generation to generation.
Proverbs has many little thoughts that are just as applicable to today as when they were written thousands of years ago. Take this one as an example

Spouting off before listening to the facts
is both shameful and foolish. Proverbs 18:13

3. The Bible Connects me with something bigger than myself

As I read and ponder on scripture I recognise that there is something bigger than myself and that I am connecting into it. God is on the move within his creation.
From Genesis to Revelation there is a large meta-story that is being played out. I am part of it.
You won’t find my name there, but I am part of this story. God has plans for us and as I read the Bible I can feel swept up in this blockbuster epic.

Here is a challenge. 

Spend some time reading the Bible today. It may be a few verses, less is often more. When a verse speaks something into your life do this.
  • Write it down on a card small enough that you can keep in a pocket or your wallet/ purse.
  • Place it in your pocket or wallet/ purse!
  • Read the verse each time you have something to eat or drink. That little verse can be food for your soul.
  • Drop me an email or leave a comment below as to how this worked for you.

How does Reading the Bible help my Mental Health?

Questions to consider and leave a comment or send me an email (use form in right hand side bar). 

  • What challenges do you have to overcome to read the Bible on a consistent basis?
  • What scriptures help you with your Mental Health?

Barry Pearman

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