Pt.1 My Dance with Depression and What I have Learnt.


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I thought I would write about my dance with depression. It all came to a bit of a head last year and I am well on the recovery road. Over the years I have talked and helped many people recover from depression. They have taught me many things and last year I trusted what I had learnt and put it into practice.
So here are my top ten learning’s. Not in any great order of importance, they are all significant and all need to be danced with.

1. The Body is Fragile.

The body you live in is fragile. It’s not perfect, it’s prone to illness and change. Ever since Eden it’s been prone to illness.

Put the brain under enough prolonged pressure and it too may well crack.

Changes in brain chemistry can lead to wackiness in your thinking processes. But there is heaps of hope.

2. The Brain is Plastic.

You thought the brain stayed the same didn’t you. I always did. I thought the brain was hardwired to think and behave in a certain way, forever. I was happy to discover I was wrong.
It’s plastic, malleable and can change, alter, and learn new ways of thinking and acting.
Check out Norman Doidge for more. Putting it simply, THE BRAIN IS INCREDBLE. You might also like to check out Learning, Ouch! and related video clip.

3. Faulty foolish thinking.

Ever since I was born, and even before whilst in the womb I have been thinking. Some would question this at times about me, but yes it’s true. I have been thinking and I have developed some thinking and acting strategies to get what I needed.

I discovered that when I cried I got fed or held. I carried this wonderful strategy, along with others, over into adult years, but discovered that it didn’t always work.

Often these thinking and acting strategies have been not been the way God wanted to me think or behave. But hey, I got what I needed!

Paul, in Romans 12:2 says this

Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will.

We need to keep on reflecting with Daddy, Jesus and Spirit on the thinking and behaving strategies that we utilise. Perhaps they actually keep us in a vicious cycle of stinky thinky and bad behaviour!

That’s enough from me. The rest of my learning’s will be shared over the next few weeks.

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Barry Pearman


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