Medication Could Be Gods Healing Gift For You

For me it was a lifting of the fog, a clarity to my thoughts, a sense of being pulled out of a quagmire.

Those little pills have slowly helped me to think more clearly without the gloomy shadow of darkness hanging around my brain.

I think I have been taking some form of medication for most of my life. It started early on with medication for childhood conditions of Asthma and Eczema. Fortunately I don’t have to take such harsh drugs as prednisone with its side effects anymore. There are far better medications now available for my asthma too.

I also have an egg allergy where I can have a life threatening anaphylactic reaction. This has slightly improved over my life, but I still can react pretty badly.

I am used to my body not functioing at 100%. That my body is fragile and vulnerable. That taking medications and being careful is just part of life.

Are you ok with your body being vulnerable and fragile to unwellness?

I have also prayed for and received quiet prayer for healing. Has it happened? Yes and No. In some ways I am a lot healthier than I was. I still have asthma and an egg allergy and now clinical depression.

There has, however, been an overall improvement in my health. Whether that has been through medication or God’s healing power I don’t quite know. I would rather think that it is a combination of both.

God partnering with the creative genius of his people to help discover new cures whether they be medication or otherwise. My daughter is part of a team researching Parkinsons. May God guide her thinking!

I know some people are medication resistant for mental illness interventions. I know that there are often side effects to medication. I know this because I have seen it in myself and others.

I also know the effects of not making the best use of what is on offer.

I have also talked with those who feel that taking medication might be against Gods will for them, that they might be

Recently I have been reading Jesus Wept by Barbara Crafton where she quotes Gerald May

There is a persisting notion in some circles that the medications used to treat depression and other psychiatric illnesses can somehow interfere with deeper spiritual processes such as the dark night [of the soul].

Nothing could be further from the truth. To my mind, there is never an authentic spiritual reason to let any illness go untreated. . . . I am not certain why people still think that medication can interfere with God’s work in human souls. Perhaps it is because medications are frequently abused and sometimes substituted for the spiritual consolations people seek. Or perhaps it is the memory of older psychiatric medications that accomplished little but sedation.

More likely, it is probably due to the persisting ancient dualism between matter and spirit—that things of the flesh like chemicals can have nothing but a negative effect on the “higher” things of the spirit. In order to believe this, though, one’s theology would have to hold that God’s grace is so weak and ineffective that a chemical compound can block it. Gerald May

Taking medication is not a sign of weakness.
Taking medication is not a sign of lack of faith.
Taking medication is not limiting God’s hand to heal.
Taking medication is not an act of disobedience.
Taking medication may in fact be part of the healing gift that God is just waiting for you to say ‘Yes’ to.

Barry Pearman

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