Letting go by Anna Johnstone

Letting go

The more difficult the problem
the tighter we tend to hang on
as if by grim determination
we should squeeze the answer out
like the last toothpaste
from an already-squashed,

flat tube when there are full ones,
round and smooth
bursting with promise in God’s store-house
our names on the labels

This is the God who gave free takeaways
six days a week for forty years in the desert
and never forgot to double the sixth day’s supplies

This is the God who shared his power
so that a man held a stick over the water
and the sea cut itself in two
leaving a carpet of dry land

This is the God who took a boy’s picnic lunch
and filled the stomachs of hungry thousands

This is the God who looked at death and said,
Yes, I’m willing
Who died in agony and blackness
and broke its curse

This is the God who holds the future
as he holds this world
who says, I love you
Don’t waste time
leaning out of the windows of today
trying to reach for your tomorrows

Enjoy the now
for this is where I am
Walk with me
in now-time.

Anna Johnstone

Matthew 6:25–34 Easy words, harder concept

Anna Johnstone enjoys living on Auckland’s North Shore with her writer/photographer husband, exploring new paths of creativity, trying out new recipes and learning to play the clarinet.

Source: Refresh Volume 14, Number 1. Summer 2015.