What Harvey Weinstein got for Christmas

What Harvey Weinstein got for Christmas

Harvey didn’t quite know what to make of the whole noise and hubbub happening outside his hermit cave. He had run from all the scandal, and now he was out in the desert looking after a bunch of smelly sheep. Others too were joining him. All clothed in rags and looking for a hiding place. There was Kevin in the corner and of Bill had been here a while.

Now all they could do was wander the countryside, sheep following behind and wearing the smelly clothes of shame.

The noise was getting louder. He left the deepest darkest recesses of the cave and ventured out. It was getting light. ‘This can’t be right?’ he thought. ‘It’s nearly midnight’, but as he came near the entrance, he could see this strange kind of laser beam light pouring down from the sky.

‘I bet George Lucas and Steven Spielberg dreamed up this one’ he muttered to himself.

Gathering around this football sized laser beam, were a bunch of his shepherd mates. All with their stories of being outcast they seemed to be enchanted by this mystical singing light.

Harvey took a risk. He stood there and looked into the light. It was like a thousand stars blew up in his face. He felt complete, fully overwhelmed and yet held as tightly as the warmest of hugs.

He then heard a voice, and it came from this bright glowing form of a man/ woman. Harvey couldn’t quite tell.

‘Harvey, we’ve got good news for you and your mates. You’re going to be one of the first to see the light.’

Harvey wondered about this and felt anxious. He knew what light did. It shows up all the wrinkles and creases. Everything that you want hidden. He had done lots of hiding in his past.

His head tilted downward, and thoughts began to spiral and turn him towards the pit he now called home.

‘Harvey’ the voice pealed out to him. ‘You’re going to see a baby.’

‘It’s not mine’ Harvey quickly responded. ‘I’ll get a DNA test and prove it.’

‘Oh, I know it’s not yours, but in a funny kind of way, it is yours, to have. Here is what I want you to do. My mates and are going to shift this light and focus it on this backyard cave behind ‘Bethlywood B&B’. I want you, Kevin and Bill to take some sheep and go and pay a visit.’

‘Woah there, you know I can’t go there. We have all been kicked out of town and what new mother wants a bunch of sex crime smelly shepherds near her little precious.’

‘It’s going to be ok. You’ll be in good company.’

The light started to move, and singing could be heard. Loud, joyful, happy voices. So Harvey, Bill, and Kevin started following the light.

Then they noticed others were joining them.

Shepherds from all over the countryside were flocking (pun time for all) together. Harvey was not alone, in fact, it was a huge crowd that was heading to Bethlywood B&B. Men, women, and anyone who had stumbled and had dust in their lungs.

It was like opening night for one his productions. Queues of people were forming all wanting to catch a glimpse. All wore clothes of beggars and outcasts. All had seen their dark side and needed light.

He was one of them, and they were one with him.

He shuffled into the smelly cave, washed with light.

He peered into the crib and saw an ugly baby.

Nothing remarkably beautiful or worthy of movie production here but when the little fella’s eyes gazed at him something broke. Tears of just being known and loved flowed from his tired old face.

Brokenness, and then being mended right in that split second moment of love.

His life was never the same again. Shame was gone because this baby knew his story, all of his story and even the parts he didn’t know himself.

He had come home and decided never to leave.

Barry Pearman

Image cc: Mindy Olson P

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