You’re so angry and it’s going to help you

You're so angry and it's going to help you

Why you get so angry can give a clear direction about who you truly are. It’s a matter of the heart. Your anger can indicate what you hold most dear.

As they became more whole, the anger started to simmer, then boil, and then it flowed over the containment of their life. It was, in a frightening way, beautiful and needed to happen.

Anger can be highly destructive. But flowing out without constraint can damage and burn. We all have this capacity to pour out our emotions of being hurt, mistreated, abused.

Some of the deepest hurts come from those we are in the closest relationship to. Those who we would hope and expect to know our hearts are often the ones who will not listen and show love and respect to our tender places.

I think of the patterns we set up so young to defend that tender heart. A little bruise, and a little slight, and we begin to build a fortress.

‘No one is ever going to hurt me again like that.’  Continue reading “You’re so angry and it’s going to help you”

Stop The Bully. Stop The Shouting.

Stop the Bully. Stop The Shouting.

When the verbal vomit from a shouting bully has been heaved over your life, you need to recover and get smart. Empower yourself with some worded wisdom.

It wasn’t just the loudness of voice; it was also the barrage of words.

Condemning, harsh, judgemental words flowing wild and free like vomit from a firehose.

I was watching the recipient of the shouting and could see they were in shell shock.

Stunned, they weren’t there anymore. They had retreated into themselves.  Continue reading “Stop The Bully. Stop The Shouting.”