Can you Be Kind to Yourself?

Can you Be Kind to Yourself rest

We are all in a daily grind of struggle, but when you listen for the voices of demand, you can learn to be kind to yourself and others. You can find rest.

This person deserves a  medal.

Sometimes I listen to a person sharing something of their lives, and I think they deserve a medal or some award for what they have been through.

We hand out awards for bravery, sports, business leadership, arts, and other achievements but not for those who have faced the grit and grind of life. Continue reading “Can you Be Kind to Yourself?”

Your Brain Needs to Rest Beside Still Waters

Your brain needs to rest Beside Still Waters concussion

Our brains can be so busy that it can feel like a concussion, but we can help the brain recover by finding some still waters to rest next by.

When I wrote the first draft of this post, I was sitting next to a small stream. There wasn’t much water flowing through it because it is summer and we haven’t had a good rainfall for over 60 days.

But still, the trickle provided life to many. There were some Kokopu (a native New Zealand fish), some birds that would refresh and wash, insects sipping, and tree roots merging with the waters. The water was also being pumped out to beautiful gardens and orchards. Water troughs were being kept full for thirsty horses.

Now I was being replenished. I invited my self to be still and listen for the stillness of the flowing waters. Something outside of my control.  Continue reading “Your Brain Needs to Rest Beside Still Waters”

How to relax? You need to Feel Safe and Known

How to relax? You need to Feel Safe and Known

Few of us know how to fully and deeply relax. The noisy neighbors can keep us from the rest we need, but when we feel safe and known, we can restore.

He almost went to sleep. That was the first observation he shared with me after a short spiritual meditation exercise we went through — silence, peacefulness, quiet focus, and a ‘stepping away’ from the noise.

He stepped away from needing to be someone and to do something into a pose of quiet acceptance.

Breathing in, breathing out. Centering the thoughts and feelings away from the past and the future to being present in the now. Right here, right now.

Do you know how to relax?

It’s a serious question. Continue reading “How to relax? You need to Feel Safe and Known”

How to Restore your Soul when Feeling Flat and Drained Out?

How to Restore your Soul when Feeling Flat and Drained Out

Feeling flat and empty can become an invite to feeling full of depth and not a step into depression. Focusing in on something and someone bigger than ourselves can revive a flagging soul.

There are times when I feel flat. Life feels meaningless and like its one cyclical trip of activity to be followed by numbness and feeling dead.

Kids Joke.
Question: What do you call Batman and Robin after they have been run over by a steamroller?
Answer: Flatman and Ribbon.

The joke maybe mildly funny, but within it, there is a sense of being crushed under, spread out and a loss of purposeful identity.  Continue reading “How to Restore your Soul when Feeling Flat and Drained Out?”

How A To-Do-List Can Help You Off To Sleep

How A To-Do-List Can Help You Off To Sleep

You can’t carry things while you’re asleep. That may seem a silly statement to make as it seems so obvious. So writing a To-Do list can take those items into tomorrow and give your mind a clear space to sleep.

You want a rest, a real rest. One where you can put down all the items churning in your brain.

You want to get away and leave yesterday and all its troubles behind. Continue reading “How A To-Do-List Can Help You Off To Sleep”

Do you Have People who Invite you to Rest?

It’s his favourite resting place.

I have a large comfortable chair in my office. With solid armrests and comfortable cushions sometimes it’s a tussle between myself and our two dogs who gets to sit on it.

Our nervous pound pooch Tyler particularly likes it. He climbs his large body into it, does a little dance circle of three spins then plops himself down. Tucking his whole body, legs, tail, nose into a ball, he makes himself a nest where he can rest and feel secureContinue reading “Do you Have People who Invite you to Rest?”

It’s Time For You to ‘Give it a Rest’


I had never quite sensed that feeling of release before. It was time to have a rest. 

That feeling of letting it all go and handing it on to someone else. I had been in ministry for 13 years serving as a Pastor/ Chaplain to people who struggled with ‘Normal Church,’ mostly due to Mental Illness. It had been a time of growth and challenge where I along with a team of volunteers developed a mid-week church service, ran camps and all the other stuff pastors do.

It was a load though, it was a responsibility, and now Continue reading “It’s Time For You to ‘Give it a Rest’”

7 Steps To Enable A Rhythm Of Rest


Her response wasn’t surprising. She was probably more surprised at being asked the question.

It was one of those random telemarketing phone calls that seem to always occur when you are just about to eat dinner or watch your favourite TV show.

She was polite and asked if I had a few minutes to answer a couple of questions.

‘Why not’ I thought. I have been in the situation of doing surveys door to door and the struggle of all those rejections.

Continue reading “7 Steps To Enable A Rhythm Of Rest”