Am I My Brothers Keeper? Guilt-Trip Anyone?

Am I My Brothers Keeper Guilt-Trip Anyone

It was the feelings of a guilt trip and the words of being a ‘Brothers Keeper’ that triggered me. But was it genuinely helping me and them to think this way? Something needed to change.

Some people seem to be able to push the manipulation guilt trip button every time. They tell you how life has been hard. They share their background and a wide range of struggles. You listen, and you empathize with their struggle, and indeed life is hard for some people.

Then you look at yourself and all that you have. You may begin to feel some guilt, then some sense of a need to help them. You want to help, but you have only so much life, energy, time, and money.

In the Bible, there is a story, or in particular, a phrase from that story, that can kick into gear and hit the guilt-trip button. Continue reading “Am I My Brothers Keeper? Guilt-Trip Anyone?”

How to relax? You need to Feel Safe and Known

How to relax? You need to Feel Safe and Known

Few of us know how to fully and deeply relax. The noisy neighbors can keep us from the rest we need, but when we feel safe and known, we can restore.

He almost went to sleep. That was the first observation he shared with me after a short spiritual meditation exercise we went through — silence, peacefulness, quiet focus, and a ‘stepping away’ from the noise.

He stepped away from needing to be someone and to do something into a pose of quiet acceptance.

Breathing in, breathing out. Centering the thoughts and feelings away from the past and the future to being present in the now. Right here, right now.

Do you know how to relax?

It’s a serious question. Continue reading “How to relax? You need to Feel Safe and Known”

How To Get Your Mind Off The Treadmill


Okay, I admit it! I like retro cartoons. The other day I caught a glimpse of the intro to the Jetsons – particularly the scene where George Jetson is walking the family dog Astro … on a treadmill! I still chuckle!

(This is a guest post from Michael Rose)

The treadmill idea reminded me that sometimes, those who are more introspective tend to spend a lot of time in their minds processing thoughts and experiences. Sometimes this processing can be a bridge to help us make progress; sometimes it can be a treadmill! 

The treadmill gives the illusion that we are sorting things out, but in truth, we expend a lot of mental energy, produce a great deal of anxiety and make no forward progress at all. Continue reading “How To Get Your Mind Off The Treadmill”

How To Prayerfully Listen, Interpret, and Understand Your Dreams

How To Prayerfully Listen, Interpret, and Understand Your Dreams

When I saw my mother-in-law talking very loudly in a distant relatives’ funeral, I then remembered that she didn’t have her hearing aids in, and of course, this made perfect sense … in a dream.

Sleep is good and was made to be good. Within the world of our dreams, there are often invites to grow.

Some dreams are pleasant and interesting, while others can be of the horrific, nightmarish genre that leaves a dark shadow over the next day and invoke fear about the coming evening. Continue reading “How To Prayerfully Listen, Interpret, and Understand Your Dreams”

A Simple Way That God Cares For Your Worn Out Soul


It is always a place of rest, food, and shelter where the worn out soul must go to meet the God of hope.  When depression and fear are met by the God of grounded reality, then we are in good hands.

Life is hard. It can grind down on your soul to where you feel just worn out. Toes trod on, mistakes made, emotions flow, and the soul becomes a vandalised derelict motel. There once was life, but now everyone drives by.

Depression and anxiety compete for brain time. One of them always wins. Continue reading “A Simple Way That God Cares For Your Worn Out Soul”

Real Men get Real about Their Mental Health

Real Men get Real about Their Mental Health

No one likes being truly honest about the reality of a Mental Illness. Progress happens when we get real and learn to understand what truly is going on.

John had been to see the psychologist for some personality tests for upcoming career changes. When the psychologist just dropped into the conversation that John had depression, it landed like a hammer on a small toe.

It hurt, but he didn’t want to show it. Men don’t express feelings. He stayed in control, and that’s what real men do. Continue reading “Real Men get Real about Their Mental Health”

Does God use a Mental Illness to Slow Us Down?

Does God use a Mental Illness to Slow You Down?

Do you think mental illness is God’s way of forcing us to slow down and change our behavior or is it the Devil messing with our minds?

I recently received this question from one of the readers via the anonymous question survey.

It’s an interesting question and one that I think has many questions under the question. It also demonstrates a type of belief about God and Gods relationship with us.

So here is my answer. Leave a comment below to let me know what you think about this question.  Continue reading “Does God use a Mental Illness to Slow Us Down?”

Do You Need A Permission Slip for Mental Health?

When going through Mental Health struggles, you have to give yourself permission to receive, especially from God.

Every Tuesday morning I travel to a garden in a small rural area called Clevedon. I leave early to beat rush hour traffic but also to get a few moments on the top of a hill overlooking the valley.

This is what I saw this morning. Continue reading “Do You Need A Permission Slip for Mental Health?”

Becoming Fire-Proof: Protecting Ourselves from Burnout

After years of teaching high school in downtown Los Angeles, my wife accepted a job four hours away.

On top of my daily stressors of dealing with students and colleagues and deadlines at the school, I now moved to a tiny studio apartment, commuted to see my wife on weekends, and applied for hundreds of jobs, all while we were desperately trying to get pregnant after years of no success.

On top of that, I was stuck in a negative emotional response to my situation. Continue reading “Becoming Fire-Proof: Protecting Ourselves from Burnout”